Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys – Take Me To Your Maker

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Gritty, hard-edged, uncompromising songs that borrow from the past but add a sizeable dose of 21st century steroids.

For this new cut, Johnny Mastro has penned 12 of the fourteen tracks. A more polished production than the last album it nonetheless retains the band’s trademark live, shooting-from-the hip sound, characterised by Mastro’s voice and exemplary harmonica, with guitarist Dave Melton squeezing every last drop of distortion from his old Fender amp.

The driving and relentlessly foot-tapping grooves that emanate from most of this album are countered by the bare (vocals/harp/upright bass) of Mastro’s “Demon’s Blues” and a charming version of the Jimmie Davis/Hank Williams song “Lonesome Whistle” offered here as bonus track.

The Mama’s Boys played Holland, Belgium and France in 2006 where they gained ‘stars of the show’ rating at several festivals. They make their first visit to the UK in April ’07 for seven dates including the Burnley National Blues Festival and 100 Club. In their home state of California the band consistently plays over 250 dates a year, ranging from major festivals to the small club in LA where the band was born.

Johnny Mastro: Vocals, harp, keyboards
Dave Melton: Guitar, slide guitar
Jimmy Goodall: Drums
Jeff Henry: Bass

Kirk Fletcher: Rhythm & lead guitar (track 3)
Smokehouse: Rhythm guitar (track 2)
Glenn Nishida: Bass (track 13)