Ian Siegal – Broadside


Mojo #1 Blues of 2009

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Another virtuoso display of genre-busting versatility… More than a blues album, but no less than we have come to expect of the prodigiously talented Siegal. – **** MOJO

BROADSIDE is rooted in familiar Siegal territory – the blues – but broadens to reflect his love of all things Americana.

“I approached this recording with an open mind and few plans,” says Ian. “I had a bunch of lyrics and ideas, some of which had been festering for a while, but most had formed over a fairly short period of time. The sounds and styles that developed were dictated by the mood, environment and personnel at the recording (and lots of caffeine!).”

“As we worked towards the recording sometimes one song split into two, or several separate ideas joined forces to become a single, mongrel hybrid. At times entire verses or bridges were written seconds before recording – I find instinct and pressure to be a great inspiration – and it has given the album a certain energy.”